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Nanette Jackson Minor - UNCG Alumnae and Miss North Carolina, 1967

Nanette Jackson Minor, Class of 1965
With the recent Miss America pageant currently in the news, it seemed like a good time to feature one of our own alumnae who competed for the title. Although she did not become Miss America, Nanette Jackson Minor proudly represented her state and her alma mater in the 1966 pageant held in Atlantic City.

In July of that year, Nanette, a University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) music major, won the coveted Miss North Carolina crown. She competed against over ninety-eight contestants, and won the state title featuring her strong singing voice and expertise on the piano. Nanette had a substantial background in music beyond her coursework, including a university USO tour of Caribbean military bases and sixteen years of piano training.  In addition to her musical ability, she was popular among her classmates, being elected as freshman class cheerleader and UNCG Pine Needles yearbook “Senior Beauty.”

Nanette as UNCG Senior Class Beauty, 1965

As Miss North Carolina, Nanette made over twenty-three personal appearances throughout the state, covering over 3,600 miles. Fortunately, as a perk of her pageant win, she had been given a new wardrobe by Cone Mills, created especially for her by local designers. A Greensboro Daily News article titled, “Cone Dresses Miss North Carolina,” featured Nanette in various Cone Mills fashions posing in different locations on the UNCG campus. Because “rosy pink” was her favorite color, most of the outfits were in assorted shades of that color.

The year after her duties as Miss North Carolina ceased, she married Richard Holder Godwin, and settled in Charlotte. Yet, Nanette’s interest in music, modeling, and pageants continued during the years after her graduation. She became an active choir member and organist in her church, worked with pageant contestants on etiquette and charm, and started a business focusing on wedding planning. 

This floral stretch denim rain dress was designed especially for Nanette. It features a v-neck with a bow and a sleeveless plastic coat. It also had a matching stretch denim hat.

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